Rowan Tolley
Gothic House,
Gothic Street
BD13 2PJ, 
West Yorkshire
Rowan Tolley is Yorkshire based, and has been classed as one of Britain’s most original and imaginative white-faced mimes. Influenced by Chaplin, Keaton, Tati and Beckett, and building on a training of Decroux technique he has studied in London and Paris, creating a style that has been described as ‘classical with a touch of the unexpected’.
He combines touring his one-man show ‘Fistful Of Characters’ extensively throughout Britain and Europe with teaching, directing and creating for Film, Television and Theatre. Increasingly interested in the function of silence, he is a great believer in the element of risk for both performer and director.


‘A Fistful Of Characters’ is a shrewd and compassionate look at real life characters in real life situations. Performed with stunning accuracy, witty, moving and highly amusing, this one man show is presented as a collection of set piece mimes; ranging from vivid studies of ordinary people to scenes involving a multitude of characters and situations, all immaculately observed. 
Rowan Tolley combines classical and contemporary styles and techniques creating a show of inventive silent mime, that will entertain you with an absorbing and compelling sense of reality. Easily accessible to a mixed audience, it is ‘silent gesture at its loudest’